As a full-service financial institution, MyGeorgia Credit Union offers more than incredible savings accounts and loans! MyGeorgia has several types of checking accounts to assist you with your everyday financial needs.

ALL our checking accounts include the following features:

The best kind of picture to take is one that gives you money afterwards! MyGeorgia's mobile deposits through our app allows for you to deposit YOUR money by simply taking a picture of the check.

Simply download the MyGeorgia App from Google Play or Apple Store.

We only require that you be enrolled in Electronic Statements, your account has been open for at least 30 days, and you're in good standing with the credit union.

You have FULL access to your account. Monitoring your account and making transfers has never been easier! For more details about some of the features and convenience click on Mobile Banking.

Your card works at millions of locations that accept Debit Cards. Your Debit Card draws money from your checking account, so no interest charges apply (ATM charges may apply).

Make sure you visit our ATM locator information below to connect to our HUGE network of partnering ATMs.

Daily Debit Card Limit


ATM Withdrawals $505.00
POS Purchase $2,000.00
Online Transactions $1,500.00

Having access to YOUR money has never been more convenient! Locate the closest ATM for withdrawing cash with NO fee or get cash back from your purchase at many large retailers like Wal-Mart and Kroger.

MyGeorgia currently has 8 neighborhood branches (Main Office in Athens, Gainesville, Oakwood, Flowery Branch, Cleveland, Clarkesville, Homer and Clayton) and a HUGE network of Accel/MoneyPass locations.

Imagine this: You've stopped at the store and - just as you approach the counter - you realize that your debit card is missing! Where did it go?! Do you know where you left it? No worries! If you log into the MyGeorgia app, you can "turn off" your card immediately. Luckily, your card fell between the seats and since you just found it you can "turn on" your card and quickly access your money again!

Remote Control Debit Card feature is only available through the MyGeorgia App. To download the App, visit Google Play or the Apple Store on your smart phone or tablet!

We take great pride in protecting your finances. We are continuously monitoring your account transactions to ensure your money is secure. If we ever detect any suspicious activity, our fraud department will contact you from 1-877-445-0706 to confirm this is your transaction.

Our Debit Card combines the economy of a checking account with the convenience and versatility of a credit card even when you are traveling overseas.

MyGeorgia checking accounts offer checks that can be used to make purchases at many merchants. Some accounts with MyGeorgia offer FREE checks as one of their special features. Accounts that qualify for free checks include the Elite Account, the Money Market Account, and our Teen Account!

Reorder Personal Checks

Reorder Business Checks

What checking account is best for you?

FREE Checking

Just because it’s free DOES NOT mean its sub-par!

It is your money - we think you should be able to keep it. Some institutions may charge you for a per-use check fee, debit card usage fee, or monthly statement fee. Not here! There are no charges applied to your account for its monthly use.

Click here to view our Fee Schedule.

Life happens! MyGeorgia Credit Union understands that unexpected overdrafts occur from time to time - Overdraft Coverage can help.

Interest Checking

Our interest-bearing checking has the same features as our other checking accounts, plus more! You can earn dividends for maintaining an average balance of $1,500 per month.

You earn more once you invest more! Check out our Rate Schedule to see the interest that you can earn.

Life happens! MyGeorgia Credit Union understands that unexpected overdrafts occur from time to time - Overdraft Coverage can help.

Secured Checking

This unique account is for our members who may need a little assistance rebuilding their financial reputation. No worries if there have been some mistakes in the past! MyGeorgia is going to try and help you.

A deposit of $100 will be placed on hold into your savings account until your account is converted to our FREE Checking account (typically after 6 months)

*$10/monthly fee

6-month Probationary Period
MyGeorgia will monitor your account from the day you open it. Your account can then be converted to a FREE Checking account if there have been no overdrafts, returned items, and your account has maintained a good standing. If your account does have some hiccups along the way, your 6-month probation will reset at the point the account is overdrawn. Your account could be closed if MyGeorgia determines there have been any improper transactions. It is our member’s responsibility to notify the credit union once you have completed the 6-month probation.

Overdraft protection is NOT available on this account.

WAIT! There’s more!


Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule effective February 1, 2022.
ATM/Debit Card Replacement Fee(per card) $10.00
Check Printing Fee depends on style of checks ordered
Low Balance Maintenance Fee *(No fee if your average deposit balance
is at least $50 or you have a loan)
$5.00 *Temporarily Suspended*
Overdraft and Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $32.00 (per check)
Overdraft Transfer Fee from Savings or Line of Credit $5.00
Stop Payment $32.00 (per check)
Deposited Items Returned $15.00 (per check)
Wire Transfer Domestic Outgoing $15.00
Wire Transfer Domestic Incoming $10.00
Wire Transfer International Outgoing $30.00
Wire Transfer International Incoming $10.00
Check Copy, Account Photocopy or Printout $2.00 per page
ATM Transaction Fee with Savings only $1.00 per transaction
Savings Account Excess Withdrawal Fee for each withdrawal after 3 per month $5.00
Secured Checking Monthly Service Fee $10.00
Gold Checking Monthly Service Fee on balance below $1,500 $5.00
Money Market Account Monthly Service Fee on balance below $2,000 $10.00
Money Market Account Excessive Withdrawal Fee for each account debit after 6 per month $10.00 (checks, transfers, cash, online...)
Money Orders; $1,000 maximum check $1.00 per check
Christmas & Vacation Club Account Excessive Withdrawal Fee after 1 free per year $25.00
Garnishments, Executions, Levies $51.00 per occurrence
Account Research and Balancing Fee $10.00 hourly charge
Cashier Checks $5.00 per check
Dormant Account Fee after 24 months of inactivity $20.00 per year
Notary Service (non-member) $1.00

Are you ready to go paperless? Don't worry about delayed mail or lost paperwork! Sign up for E-Statements and have your monthly statements delivered to your computer! Every month you will receive an email notifying you that your statement is ready to be viewed at our secure web site.

To enroll:
1. Login to Online Banking
2. Click the Services Tab
3. Click the View Statements link

EZ-Line, our 24-hour audio response system, is a terrific time saver for you. It allows you to check your account balances and transact business with just a touch of a button!

Simply call (770) 532-5937 or (888) 532-5937

List of Most Used Action Codes:
01 Savings Account Balance 21 Savings to Checking Transfer
02 Checking Account Balance 22 Checking to Savings Transfer
09 Balance of Any Account, any suffix* 29 Transfer Funds between any two suffixes
14 Last 4 Checks Cleared 52 ATM Withdrawals from Checking
16 All Deposits into Savings 53 ACH Withdrawals from Savings
17 All Deposits into Checking 54 ACH Withdrawals from Checking

Contact our office to receive a brochure with the full Action Code listing (770) 534-4255