Member-To-Member Transfer

Everyone needs to send money to friends and family from time to time. MyGeorgia makes member-to-member transfers fast, simple and safe.

Now available through desktop and mobile apps – our members can transfer money to friends, family, co-workers, and others for free!
You do not have to be an owner/co-owner of the account.

To make a transfer, you will have to know the member account number, the three-digit suffix (011, etc.) and the correct spelling of the member’s last name. This will be a one-way transfer and cannot be reversed through the application.

MyGeorgia cannot provide member account information to the party making the transfer.

Member-to-Member payments are just as easy as transferring from one suffix to another.

    • Simply scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Transfer To Suffix List’
    • Find  ‘Other’  or  “Other Account’  or  ‘Another Member Account

*The wording varies based on device.

The transfer is complete, and the funds are available immediately.

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