Skip A Pay

MyGeorgia CU is offering its annual Skip-a-Payment Program for the month of November. To qualify for the Skip-A-Pay program: (1) You must have received your loan prior to April 1, 2023 (2) Cannot have skipped any payments in the last 12 months (3) You must sign and return a Skip-A-Payment form by November 1, 2023 (4) Cannot have had CPI (Collateral Protection Insurance) added within the last 12 months (5) Pay the $15.00 Skip-A-Pay fee per each eligible loan you would like the payment skipped.

Loan types NOT ELIGIBLE for the Skip-A-Pay Program: Teacher, Helping Heroes, Home Equity, Real Estate, VISA, Overdraft Protection, Business, Hardship, and On Track program

**Electronic/ACH payments cannot be stopped from other institutions and will continue into your MyGeorgia savings account. MyGeorgia reserves the Right of Refusal. Processing fee is $15 per loan.

Sign up October 1st – November 1st to Skip a November Payment
DISCLOSURE: By participating in MyGeorgia Credit Union’s Skip-A-Pay program, you agree and understand that (1) Finance charges will continue to accrue at the rate of your original loan agreement. (2) Finance charges for the skipped month will be included in the following month’s payment. (3) Skipping a payment will result in higher total finance charges than if you made the payments as originally scheduled. (4) Skipping a payment will cause the term of the loan to be extended past when the loan would have otherwise been paid off. (5) You are required to resume your regular monthly payments the month following the month skipped. (6) If you elected GAP or extended warranty coverage, the coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date of the loan. (7) If you elected Credit Life/Disability insurance, premiums will be charged as normal based on the balance of your loan at the end of the month. (8) Only one Skip-A-Pay is allowed per loan per year.